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Welcome to the CARING NETWORK respite care registry, a free online and searchable Lifespan Respite Registry.

Respite care is temporary relief or "intermittent breaks" for caregivers and families who are caring for those with disabilities, chronic or terminal illnesses, or the elderly

Families and other caregivers will have to sign an online Parent/Family Release of Liability Agreement, click to sign and abide by the Terms of Use, click to sign to gain access to the Caring Network.

Once registered, parents/families can return to the list at any time. New providers will be added as the Caring Network registry grows. We are pleased to assist families, caregivers and agencies that need respite services!


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Terms of Use
I understand that I have access to respite care provider's contact and other personal information. I agree not to share provider names or any other information with another family or agency. I will not abuse my right to use the Caring Network Registry and respect the privacy and personal time of any respite care provider.

Release from Liability
I realize that no assurances are made by Caring Communities, Inc. as to the actual character or behavior of the respite care provider. Additionally, I will check references as necessary and independently screen, interview, him/her to determine the skill level and competence to care for my child and appropriately train the individual. The decision to utilize the caregiver's services will be made solely by me.

All CARING NETWORK respite registry providers are self-registering. Caring Communities cannot guarantee that all information is accurate at all times, and consumers should confirm respite providers information prior to depending upon it. Caring Communities does not endorse or recommend providers. Caring Communities does not warrant nor guarantee the quality of care that will be provided by registrants and believes that consumers are in the best position to evaluate and choose who is appropriate for their needs.

In consideration of Caring Communities, Inc's provision of the caregivers' names to me, I release and discharge Caring Communities, Inc. and it's employees, affiliates, volunteers, and directors from any liability arising from the care of my family member by the provider.
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